This first TANGODOURO (International Tango Festival) is organized by the Asociación – Associação Ibérica de Tango Argentino, directed byFernando López del AmoFernando Jorge and Alexandra Baldaque.

Fernando Jorge, Alexandra Baldaque and Fernando López del Amo
Fernando Jorge, Alexandra Baldaque and Fernando López del Amo

Fernando López del Amo was the founder and director, for 20 years (1994-2013), of the highly recognized Sitges International Tango Festival. Also, he has organized many other tango events, both Spanish and international, such as the Encuentros de Tango en Lugares con Encanto (Tango Meetings at Charming Places), the Tango Costa Brava meeting, tango cruises, concerts, seminars and conferences, etc. Currently he directs, since 2014, the Sol de Invierno International Tango Meeting, which is held annually on the southern coast of Spain during the New Year’s Eve dates.

Fernando Jorge and Alexandra Baldaque are also two very experienced and successful organizers of tango events and activities, both at the Portuguese level and internationally.
Thus, we could emphasize, on one hand, the direction of their school Liçao de Tango, located in Porto, without any doubt one of the first and most important referential spaces dedicated to the teaching and diffusion of the 
Argentine tango in Portugal. And, on the other hand, the creation and direction, since 14 years ago, of the highly renowned International TangoFestival of Porto, which takes place annually at the end of April.
Similarly, and on an artistic level, Fernando & Alexandra have a very important trajectory, having been European Champions of Tango Salón in 2011, and several times finalists, in the World Championship of ArgentineTango, as well as in the Metropolitan Championship that takes place every year in Buenos Aires. The same way, they have been invited to participate in several of the most important European tango festivals.